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10 Email Marketing Software For Law Firms Options, Reviewed And Ranked | NIVAN

Don’t known how to get started with email marketing for your law firm? We’ve ranked and reviewed some of the most popular email marketing software for law firms so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found when it comes to the best options for reaching your current (and potential!) clients.

Why is email marketing software for law firms so important?

Email marketing is a digital conversation that builds a lasting relationship over the span of a potential client’s life. This conversation – easy to set up, check in with, and maintain – is crucial to retaining former clients and attracting new ones.

Need more proof? Check out these email marketing stats:

  • Facebook is a huge driver of client behavior, but research shows that clients are twice as likely to interact with you via email
  • Email has a higher conversion rate than social media and search, combined
  • The second largest demographic – millennials – prefer email for business communication
  • Mobile users are more obsessed: they check their email three times more often than non-mobile users
  • Personalized, targeted emails bring in six times as many sales
  • Email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800%
  • Checking email is not restricted to the workday – we do it watching TV (69%), lounging in bed (57%), or on vacation (79%)
  • Increasing click-through rate is the top priority for 54% of email marketing campaigns

A law firm newsletter service keeps your current clients in the loop and up-to-date on new services you offer. Targeted email marketing campaigns react to potential clients’ behavior and personalize interactions. Sometimes email services are as simple as a welcome letter or appointment reminder.

The best email marketing software for law firms

It’s clear that email marketing increases engagement and continues the relationship, but how do you choose the right email marketing software for law firms?

Here are ten of the best email marketing software for law firms, with pros, cons, and prices for each one.

1. MailChimp

Pros: Super easy to use and very nearly intuitive with fully integrated analytics at all levels of subscription and the ability to A/B test your emails. Integrates easily with Clio and Lexicata.

Cons: Not specifically tailored to the legal community, but that’s about the only con.

Cost: Its cost is one of its biggest pros – totally free for under 2,000 subscribers and fewer than 12,000 emails a month. Easy and affordable pricing to scale up when you’re ready.

2. Constant Contact

Pros: Constant Contact is a great email marketing software for law firms that are just getting started with legal marketing. It’s easy to use and has templates you can customize. Constant Contact also has features that are specific to law firms, and they offer tips for blog posts and a law firm newsletter.

Cons: Does not integrate with Clio or Lexicata

Cost: Free full-feature trial for 60 days, the cost is based on the number of emails on your list (i.e., $45 for 2,000 email addresses).

3. GetResponse

Pros: Same good features as the previous two but with more interactive tools. GetResponse can help you design a landing page and also help organize and distribute webinars.

Cons: Integrates with a ton of different platforms, but mostly for retail applications.

Cost: Free trial for one month, then pay-per-email address options ($50 gets you 5,000 email addresses).

4. ActiveCampaign

Pros: This legal marketing software delivers targeted messages based on client behavior and automatically follows up on responses. Integrates with Clio for seamless use. Good customer service for users, plus free migration from other platforms.

Cons: Again, lots of focus on sales of products, but still good for service-based industries. May be more complicated than a small-to-medium-sized law firms needs.

Cost: ActiveCampaign prices are based on the number of users, not the number of contacts. Three users with 1,000 contacts starts around $30.

5. SendPulse

Pros: All the bells and whistles, plus a Facebook chatbot and webpush notifications that send clients to your site. Integrates with Clio.

Cons: The free or “lite” versions come with SendPulse branding on them (paid plans don’t have branding). If this isn’t an issue for you, then there aren’t many cons to this service!

Cost: Very affordable. Up to 5,000 subscribers for less than $30 a month.

10 Email Marketing Software For Law Firms Options, Reviewed And Ranked | NIVAN

6. Drip

Pros: Named after the concept of sending automated emails that give bits (drips) of information after clients download something (e.g., a free eBook or webinar) to entice clients to click and engage. This is what Drip excels at – developing a deep conversation with clients based on their interaction with your website.

Cons: Although anyone can use it, this email service is potentially better for goods than services.

Cost: Free for 100 subscribers, then $49 for 2,500 email addresses.

7. Mad Mimi

Pros: Very easy to use, with the ability to streamline your templates and keep only the features you want (and to save those templates). A solid, basic email marketing software for law firms that don’t want to spend a lot of time on their campaigns.

Cons: In this case, its simplicity may also be its downfall. If you are looking for flashy style, look elsewhere.

Cost: The basic version for 500 subscribers is $10. Jump to the “Pro” level to get 10,000 contacts for $42.

8. Keap (formerly InfusionSoft)

Pros: Keap is a small business focused on providing excellent service to other small businesses. It’s personal and understands what it means to work hard to grow. Helping to organize leads to target email pitches, Keap is a well-rounded full-service option that keeps track of all of your interactions with clients. It’s a one-stop shop.

Cons: The price. See below.

Cost: It’s expensive for a small firm. $99 a month for just 500 contacts.

9. VerticalResponse

Pros: The Cadillac of email marketing services (and you’ll pay accordingly). VerticalResponse offers everything you expect in a professional email marketing software for law firms but also offers full service email marketing.

Cons: Not affordable for smaller firms, but there is a free version if you have less than 300 subscribers. Once you get over the 1,000-contact mark, the price rises quickly.

Cost: The free version gives you 4,000 emails a month to 300 subscribers. Go “Pro” and reach up to 40,000 for $500. Somewhere in the middle? Expect to pay $260 for between 2,501 and 5,000 contacts.

10. SendInBlue

Pros: Sends emails and SMS messages that can be triggered by client interactions.

Cons: Does not offer A/B testing, which may be a consideration if you are just starting out with email marketing software for law firms and want to know how you’re doing.

Cost: Priced per email, not per contact. Free for 300 emails a day to unlimited contacts, and $25 a month for 40,000 emails to unlimited contacts.

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