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16 Of The Best Legal Apps For Lawyers In 2020 | NIVAN

By 2021, approximately 85% of our interactions will not include a human being. If this statistic makes you uncomfortable, take heart. While it can take some time to adjust to the idea of a future with less face-to-face interaction, this means there are new legal apps for lawyers that can ultimately help personalize (and streamline) the services you offer to your clients. From daily office management to billing and more, here are 16 of the best legal apps for lawyers in 2020.

1. Clio

Looking at the best apps for lawyers? 2020 starts off again with Clio leading the way. This app offers time tracking, billing, file management, and more. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Dropbox, and a full suite of other tools. There are other organizational apps out there (some included below), but Clio is the gold standard of legal apps.

Price: Double bonus? Clio is available on both iOS and Android for free.

2. Lexicata

Lexicata is another one of the best apps for lawyers. This CRM helps you to make short work of administrative tasks like intake, collecting leads, and following up with clients. Sign documents through Lexicata, and use the reporting tools to see how your digital marketing strategy is working. This app is a partner of Clio and comes with the same excellent customer service.

Price: Free trial. Contact Lexicata directly to get a full price quote for your firm.

3. TeamViewer

One of the best productivity apps for lawyers is TeamViewer. This secure app allows you and your team to access documents and control your desktop from wherever you are. Run it with your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Price: Available on iOS and Android. Free for personal use; business use ranges from $49 to $199 a month depending on the number of people using it.

4. GoodReader

Much of the practice of law centers around paperwork: creating it, reading it, and organizing it. GoodReader is one of the best legal document apps to help you organize your documents. Easily syncs from other platforms (e.g., Dropbox and Google docs). Create, edit, and view pdfs, too. Check out our previous post if you’re looking for more legal document software tools.

Price: $5.99 for iOS only (in-app purchases)

5. Depose

Depose is one of those legal apps for lawyers that you won’t know how you managed without before. This allows for lawyers to not only take depositions but to also attach exhibits and import questions from other platforms.

Price: $8, only available for Android in Google Play

6. Evernote

And speaking of depositions, how do you keep your various scraps of notes and business cards? If you’re smart, you keep in on Evernote. Evernote allows you to share your notes with colleagues and integrates with Google Drive, Outlook, Slack, and more.

Price: Evernote is available for Android and iOS and is free for the basic version.

7. To-Do

Along these same lines, To-Do is another legal app that not only allows you to easily take notes (and make lists) but also to assign tasks and group notes by client. This app is not specifically designed for legal use but can be incredibly helpful when it comes to streamlining and managing and remembering your tasks for the day. (Note: This app used to be called Wunderlist.)

Price: Free, and available for iOS and Android.

8. Reminders

You are busy, and sometimes a written calendar date doesn’t help. Reminders uses push notifications and Siri to keep you on track. You can color code your reminders and also keep them organized and separated into different categories (e.g., home, school, work, etc.).

Price: Free, but only available for iOS.

9. Docs to Go

Need to quickly review a complicated document on the go, one with endless footnotes, redlines, and changes? Docs to Go is the one of the best legal apps for that.

Price: Free (with in-app purchase options). Available for iOS and Android.

10. LogMeIn

Realizing you forgot a crucial document on your desktop as you’re walking into court? There’s an app for that. LogMeIn gives you instant, secure access to important files you left behind on your desktop computer.

Price: Free trial, with plans that range from $30 to $129 a month. Available on iOS, and on Android as LogMeIn Ignition.

11. FastCase

Other than endless client paperwork, legal research is one of the main aspects of your legal practice that may need some organizing. Let FastCase help with its massive research library.

Price: Free, and available on iOS and Android.

12. dLaw

Access a handy compendium of laws and statutes all across the U.S. This is an invaluable research tool, especially when used in conjunction with FastCase.

Price: Free, but only available on Android.

13. Dropbox

Yes, in our list of legal apps for lawyers we have this at number 13, but Dropbox is arguably one of the most important file sharing tools you can utilize in your practice. Gone are the boxes of paper files dragged to court. Read and notate files right on your tablet or smartphone, and share across devices.

Price: Free and available for iOS and Android.

14. Thumbtack

Looking for clients? Thumbtack can help. This app is not exclusive to lawyers but is a great marketing tool to expand the people you serve. Sign up for free and only pay to contact interested clients.

Price: Available on iOS and Android. Price varies.

15. Dashlane

With all of these legal apps holding sensitive information, security is crucial. If your password is still “password” to make it easy to remember, download Dashlane and get ready to enhance the security of your digital accounts. Dashlane safely and securely stores all of your passwords in one place. Access this app with TouchID technology and use it for its “strong password” suggestions (and no, not the password “strong password”!).

Price: Start at free to store up to 50 passwords. Get unlimited passwords, unlimited devices, two-factor authentication, and credit monitoring (and more) for $10 a month. Available for iOS and Android devices.

16. SignMyPad

SignMyPad takes digital signatures even further. No more messy pdfs or downloading, scanning, and faxing back. Upload your documents to an iPad or mobile device, sign, and go.

Price: $5.49 on the Apple App Store, but currently unavailable for Android.

Streamline your law firm

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