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You didn’t start your law firm to monitor social media and run a complicated ad campaign, but these days a small law firm marketing plan is crucial. With a glut of firms hanging up a shingle, how else will potential clients know how (and where) to find you? Knowing how to market a small law firm isn’t necessarily rocket science, but it can be challenging to know what to do first. Here are 15 easy and effective tips to get you started.

1. Set goals

The most important part of your small law firm marketing plan starts with setting goals.

Some law firms are looking to add to their client base; others have plenty of clients but want to enhance their relationships with them. Still others have one large client that provides most of their income but they want to add smaller clients or expand into other legal areas.

What do you want to achieve with your marketing plan? Start there and set some goals.

2. Make a clean, mobile-responsive website

A Google Legal Services study found that 74% of clients visit a law firm’s website to set up an appointment. That same study found the majority of the sites had slow, unresponsive websites with incorrect phone numbers and no email address.

Worse, Google Analytics and DoubleClick AdExchange data found that sites not optimized for mobile will see 53% of potential clients click away if the site does not load within three seconds. On the flip side, a case study of one site that optimized for mobile found their conversion rates skyrocketing 1,750% as compared to their old, clunky site.

Get an updated, mobile-responsive website to keep customers who land on your site.

3. Set up your Google Business profile

Setting up or editing your Google Business profile is key.

If potential clients search for you by name, an updated profile appears with website, address, and phone number… if you provide it to Google. Make it easy for your clients to find you.

4. Manage your online reviews

One major marketing mistake that small law firms make is not properly managing their online reviews.

Online reviews, good or bad, tell potential clients a little more about your firm. The best responses are polite, oriented towards problem-solving, and timely.

5. Ask for reviews

You won’t have reviews to manage if you don’t ask. Set up a profile on Avvo and other review sites and make sure to send clients there to review you, your firm, and your services.

It’s obviously most beneficial when the reviews are positive, but there is something to be gained by negative reviews, too (see #4).

6. Set up a referral strategy with past clients

Setting up a referral strategy that is easy to manage is especially good for solo law firm marketing because happy clients find new ones for you!

Maybe you offer referring clients a discount on services or a gift card for every new client. Whatever it is, add this referral program to your new, responsive website and email blasts.

7. Push out Facebook ads

Forget what some people are saying – Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it remains one of the most powerful social media tools to get new clients.

Don’t break the bank with Facebook ads; you’d be surprised at what just $100 a month in paid, targeted ads on Facebook can do to help you find the right kind of new clients.

8. Add keyword-driven website content

You don’t need to be an expert in SEO (that’s our job!), but keyword-driven, relevant website content (blogs and landing pages) are crucial. These help establish you as an expert in your community, a thought leader who cares so much for their clients that they give away valuable insights for free.

Use free tools to find keywords for your site, and do a little reading on SEO to get started.

9. Build relationships

Even in the digital age, relationships matter most. Your small law firm marketing plan should include emails and phone calls to clients as appropriate to check in and follow up.

Especially reach out to clients in challenging emotional situations (e.g., divorce). You aren’t their therapist, but you’re on their side. Remind them often.

How To Market A Small Law Firm: 15 Easy And Effective Tips | NIVAN Content

10. Work with other small law firms

If you specialize in family law and have a client who also needs tax help, why not refer them to another small firm or accountants across town?

Developing these relationships with other (noncompeting) small firms is good for business.

11. Be a good neighbor

Along the lines of building relationships, being a good neighbor means getting out into the community, sponsoring events and generally making your presence known.

Volunteer at legal aid clinics, send thank you notes for referrals, give back with easy-to-understand legal resources on your site, and generally take care of your potential clients before they need you.

12. Get social

Once you are back in the office, set aside some regular time to engage on social media. It need not take hours every day, but do be consistent and timely.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and is the second most-visited social media platform (Facebook being #1). Approachable humor and personality can be effective here; remember it’s all about being approachable and building relationships (hence the name “social” media!).

13. Run reports and analytics

Use Google Analytics tools to run reports and analytics of the best-performing pages and content on your site.

This will help you streamline your approach to focus on what works.

14. Be patient

While optimizing your site, asking for referrals, and creating high-quality content are excellent small law firm marketing strategies, these things take time.

If your pockets aren’t deep and you’re more of a DIY-type firm, be patient. These steps may not bring instant results, but they do work.

15. Ask for help

You spent a long time in school to become an expert in the law. At NIVAN, we spent a long time becoming experts in all forms of digital marketing. The marketing landscape changes continually; we stay up-to-date so you don’t have to.

If you find yourself asking how to market a small law firm or how to get new clients, get in touch today. We have answers.

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