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22 Law Firm Marketing Statistics For 2019 To Help You Grow Your Firm | NIVAN Content

Making resolutions are a grand tradition at the beginning of each year. For small law firms, extending your reach and increasing your client base may be among your resolutions. If you are a small law firm with big plans, here are 22 law firm marketing statistics you need to know to grow your firm this year.

1. Over 33% of clients start looking for a lawyer online

You may be surprised to know that, after recommendations from family and friends, online searches drive over a third of clients to a particular firm. How’s your website look?

2. Nearly 100% of people looking for legal advice start online

So a third of clients looking for a lawyer start online, but 96% of people seeking legal advice start online. A solid, consistent blog or even an FAQ page positions you as an expert and can help convert potential client questions to just plain clients.

3. Mobile matters when people are on the go

Because mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches in ten countries (including the U.S.), making sure your site is optimized for mobile is crucial.

4. Video is the next big thing

By 2020 (next year!), 82% of internet traffic will be video-driven. Get ready for your close-up! Remember that videos don’t need to be fancy.

5. Those law firms that already use video see a jump in traffic to their site

And not just by measly single digits either. Law firms with video incorporated into their websites see a 41% increase in potential clients visiting their site.

6. But not just any video

Video is becoming crucial for your site, but not poor-quality video. 62% of consumers say that poor video quality not only makes them click away but also leaves them with a negative impression of your site (and your firm!).

7. Finally, just one video on your profile page makes a big difference

Introduce yourself with a video and see a 127% increase in email inquiries and a 138% jump in click-through rates.

8. Smart law firms pay attention to Google’s new organization

Law firm marketing statistics don’t mean much if you don’t understand Google’s new search engine results pages (SERPs). With ads and maps for local searches appearing before the first organic search result (hopefully your firm), SEO and a good digital marketing plan are crucial.

9. Search results means nothing if they don’t reflect you

Fully 97% of law firms have zero personal content on their website. How will clients know you’re the one for them if your site looks the same as the lawyer’s down the street?

10. And how will they get in touch?

Don’t let this happen to you: 68% of law firms have no email address on their landing page, and 27% have no phone number. Make sure that clients know how to get in touch with you.

11. But do you even have a website?

We find this hard to believe, too, but 40% of small law firms do not have websites, and 35% of those that do have not updated their site in the past three years.

12. Social media is crucial

In terms of reaching current and potential clients where they are via video and quick, real-time updates, social media is where it’s at. Just six hours per week on various social media platforms can boost search engine ranking results (and drive all-important traffic to your site!)

22 Law Firm Marketing Statistics For 2019 To Help You Grow Your Firm | NIVAN Content

13. But be particular about which social media

Straight up: most law firms probably don’t need Snapchat. But Facebook, with 68% of adult internet users visiting daily? And its companion, Instagram? Yeah, probably a good idea to have those.

14. And while you’re at it, get a little bossy

70% of law firms do not have a call to action (CTA) on their website or embedded in their social media. What is it you want clients to do? Call? Email? Take a survey? People need and want direction when they’re searching online.

15. Use data to tweak your strategy

Every solid law firm marketing company knows the value of data, and you should, too. Look at the metrics of your website (what’s working; what’s not) to streamline your marketing strategy.

16. How’s your blog?

What blog, you say? You mean the one that could generate 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages in Google? Yup, that one.

17. Key point to remember, though: quality over quantity

You needn’t post a daily blog, but every blog you post needs to be brilliant, useful, or some entertaining combination of the two. Law firm marketing statistics support the notion that it’s not enough to pummel potential clients with information: it has to be valuable, or it’s just white noise.

18. And hey, don’t forget a picture

Written content with a visual component (e.g., pictures or video) gets 94% more total views and is 40% more likely to be shared on social networks. Nearly 75% of older adults and 94% of those aged 21-24 access YouTube. We are a visual world now. Your visual strategy is important.

19. 65% of law firms dedicate most of their marketing budgets to online marketing

Why? Because online marketing is affordable, can be set up and tweaked as needed, and offers a great ROI.

20. That includes email marketing

Email marketing has an average ROI of 122%. Are you one of the only 14% of law firms who send an automatic email when a potential client fills out your contact form? No? You should be!

21. Did we mention blogs?

Blogs help keep current clients engaged, motivate potential clients to get in touch, and help build a wide professional network among your fellow lawyers.

22. The rate of people looking for lawyers is stagnant

Not to end on a low note, but the number of people seeking lawyers has stayed the same (or even trended down) since 2008. Competition for a set number of clients is fierce.

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