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20 Law Firm Marketing Statistics To Grow Your Firm In 2021 | NIVAN

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been an exceptional year on a variety of levels. From a global pandemic to a wild election ride in the U.S., we are heading into 2021, shaking our heads and wondering what’s going to happen next. One thing’s for sure: regardless of what happened last year, law firm marketing statistics, 2021 edition mean getting creative about how you get the word out about your firm. Here are 20 law firm marketing statistics to consider for 2021.

Law firm marketing remains essential

With many people working remotely, now more than ever your law firm needs to take steps to stand out from the din of the internet (where everyone is hanging out in their PJs these days).

Here are ten legal marketing statistics that illustrate that point.

1. 45% of businesses still don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy

Don’t sleep on developing a digital marketing strategy. This might include social media, a properly optimized website, and an email marketing campaign. If you have one, you are 313% more likely to report success in your firm.

2. Visual content is surging

A solid visual helps website visitors and social media followers remember your content for up to three days. Video remains the primary form of visual content on social media, but you cannot argue with the power of a gorgeous photo.

3. Your website is still a crucial piece of the puzzle

BrightEdge found that 68% of online experiences start with typing some words into a search bar. If your website doesn’t show up when users hit enter, it’s like you aren’t even there.

4. More of the world is chatting online

As of August 2020, a full 50% of the world is on social media. In 2018, the world population was just over seven and a half billion people. Can you afford to miss that many people?

5. A schedule matters

The key to successful digital marketing is creating content on a regular basis. Creating consistent content is key, but it remains the biggest challenge in digital marketing.

6. Consider the smartphone user

Smartphone users (60% of them) are more likely to contact a business with a “click to call” feature on their (optimized) mobile site.

7. The most effective marketing strategies focus on the client

Your firm wants what’s best for each client, and your digital marketing strategy should, too. All the bells and whistles won’t matter if your clients don’t find it useful.

8. No, really: make it personal

72% of consumers won’t engage with marketing that doesn’t feel personal. That’s a lot of clients walking out the virtual door.

9. Digital marketing fails for three main reasons

Lack of strategy, no optimization, and lack of skill in marketing are the three reasons law firms struggle in this area.

10. Google is still the boss

And finally, Google still rules the roost when it comes to search, capturing almost 75% of all search traffic online. Show up on a Google search, and you’re halfway there.

Add these new insights to the legal marketing statistics from 2020 (many still hold true!). If you haven’t already, it’s time to check in with your digital marketing team to see how you’re holding up.

COVID-19’s effect on legal marketing

And speaking of holding up, let’s consider the elephant in the room and its effect on nearly every aspect of our lives in 2020: COVID-19.

The pandemic has permanently changed the way courts conduct business. From excusing elderly people from jury service to holding video proceedings or shutting down completely, the justice system is limping into 2021, bruised and battered but adapting as best it can.

Law firms are uniquely suited to weather downturns and upheavals, but not without a few scrapes and scratches. The most flexible and innovative law firms will use this opportunity to reach an even wider base of clients. Here are five statistics that set you up to pivot in 2021.

1. COVID-19 created new areas of practice

The implementation of the CARES act and other types of relief created new clientele looking for assistance and counsel in accessing these forms of relief. Did you see any of that business in 2020?

2. Getting new clients is not business-as-usual

Law firms are mixing old-school introductions IRL with virtual meetings, webinars, and podcasts. Since face-to-face meetings were impossible for much of 2020, using these tools actually expanded the potential client base for many firms.

3. Website content is changing

COVID-specific content adds authentic value to your website. If you have a website with landing pages that don’t detail your response to COVID-19 (and any specific areas of service), folks might just click on by.

4. New industries are popping up

Legal document preparation services are gaining in popularity as we move into 2021. More people are looking for socially-distanced ways to handle legal paperwork—without hiring full representation.

5. Video conferencing is the most popular tool

With most law firms moving to remote work in 2020 (and many staying there), videoconferencing has become the most popular tool lawyers use to stay connected with clients (and each other).

Social media is changing… but it’s still key

Social media is getting more visual, moving towards a storyline, and captivating potential clients now more than ever. Just like COVID, social media isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s time to consider all of your options.

These five law firm marketing statistics continue to highlight the importance of meeting clients where they already are: online and scrolling.

1. Instagram has the second highest ROI

What’s number one in ROI when it comes to social media? Instagram’s big brother: Facebook.

2. There are big changes in social media consumption

From the start of COVID-19 in the U.S. in March 2020, over half of people surveyed say they have increased their social media consumption. This is not likely to decrease in 2021.

3. TikTok: your new best friend

Is your firm venturing on to TikTok? In less than a year, TikTok’s user base has expanded in the U.S. by 93%. It’s the social media platform of choice for younger millennials and all of Gen Z.

4. TikTok may be cool, but LinkedIn is where the decision makers are

With 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision makers, LinkedIn remains a great place for social media marketing. For your firm, it’s a great place to make professional connections or build referral relationships.

5. Regardless of platform, user experience is key

Consider your overall branding strategy and design to deliver a uniform message across digital marketing platforms.

Grow your law firm in 2021

Whether 2020 found you setting up a virtual law firm or fine-tuning your legal SEO and lawyer review strategies, we know things can get complicated.

Even if your head is reeling with these law firm marketing statistics, 2021 can still be a great year. With experts on everything from developing content for your site, managing your social media, implementing the latest legal technology, and designing a website from the ground up, NIVAN can help.

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