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18 Affordable (Or Even Free!) Law Firm Marketing Tools | NIVAN Content

Maybe you never thought of yourself as a marketer, but if you have a small business or law firm, that’s exactly what you have to be. Fortunately, there are many law firm marketing tools that can help streamline processes, automate key tasks, and free up more of your time. Here are 18 of our favorite law firm marketing tools that are affordable (or even free!).

Google Analytics

What it does: The entire suite of Google products seems custom-made to make your life (and marketing your law firm) easier. Google Analytics analyzes how your website is doing – its rank, visitor activity, and well-performing keywords.

Ease of use: Debatable. Using the simple functions of Google is easy, but really diving into the data and acting accordingly can be more complicated. Google does offer ample tutorials, forms, and FAQs for support.

Cost: Free


What it does: Helps you to design visuals for your firm in perfect sizes for various social media platforms (e.g., taller for Pinterest and square for Instagram and Facebook).

Ease of use: If you can drag and drop, you can use Canva.

Cost: Free for the basic package. Also includes free photos.


What it does: HootSuite allows multiple people to post updates to social media on the same account, nearly automating your law firm’s social media posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can also schedule posts in advance, consolidating your social media time into one space during the week.

Ease of use: Super easy. Learning curve is not steep, and the more you use it the easier it gets.

Cost: Free for the basic packages


What it does: This SEO tool does all of your keyword research for you, including looking at strategies used by your competition and auditing your own SEO status.

Ease of use: While the site is easy to navigate, understanding the reports and interpreting and applying the results to your own site can be challenging.

Cost: At $100 a month, this could be a good jumpstart to improving your SEO and driving more traffic to your site.


What it does: Lexicata is a law firm marketing technology that tracks your client interactions from their first phone call or email contact (and everything in between!). This completely (and securely) simplifies the process of client data management.

Ease of use: There are a lot of features, but the form builders and other technologies are intuitive and easy to use.

Cost: Contact Lexicata for a free quote

Ruby receptionist

What it does: Ruby receptionist offers live answering services to law firms who need a personal touch. They answer with a customized greeting, transfer callers when needed, and take messages.

Ease of use: Very easy to use, as they handle most of the management for you.

Cost: Pricing is based on receptionist minutes, so cost can vary depending on the number of calls you receive.


What it does: Moz makes sure that your business listings are accurate and up-to-date, whether you have one location or 100. This is especially good for helping to increase your presence in local, organic search results.

Ease of use: Very. Just type in your info to get started.

Cost: Start with a free listing report and go from there, with both free and paid options.

Google Trends

What it does: Google Trends tracks what internet users are searching for, all across the globe. Enter a search term to see what’s trending in your industry or state, or compare search volume over time.

Ease of use: If you can type, you can locate what’s trending.

Cost: Free!

Hemingway app

What it does: While it won’t mix up your rum drinks for you, the Hemingway app will help you write better content for your law firm (from newsletters to emails to blogs and landing pages) with suggestions regarding grammar and basic writing for clarity.

Ease of use: Depends on how comfortable you are with writing to begin with, but the tool itself is easy to use.

Cost: Free!

18 Affordable (Or Even Free!) Law Firm Marketing Tools | NIVAN Content


What it does: By using this content management system, you can easily update your free website from 2001 with a responsive, professional site optimized for mobile devices.

Ease of use: Easy using the wide variety of templates provided but infinitely customizable and can get as complicated as you like.

Cost: Free to use, but many add-ons and themes are paid.


What it does: Buffer used to be a simple scheduling tool for social media posts, but now you can also see stats on how posts perform and get recommendations for improving your own posts.

Ease of use: Tools are intuitive and easy to use.

Cost: Up to three social media accounts for free – a good way to get started and try it out.


What it does: This law firm marketing technology allows you to reach out to your current clients and spread the good word to prospective clients with email marketing tools that you can customize.

Ease of use: MailChimp offers templates and tutorials to get you started. You can customize everything to tailor this tool specifically to your law firm.

Cost: Free, but larger plans are available depending on the size and needs of your firm.

Constant Contact

What it does: Constant Contact is another email marketing tool that helps you stay in touch with clients and generate more potential leads.

Ease of use: Very. Customizable templates and lots of helpful tutorials and suggestions.

Cost: Start your free, 60-day trial, and then select a plan based on the number of contacts you have.


What it does: Manzama tracks all of the news breaking in your industry and delivers it to you in one streamlined package. This helps you track trends and can position you as a thought leader on your law firm’s blog posts and social media outlets. Also great when combined with an email marketing tool to produce regular newsletters for clients.

Ease of use: Very easy. They do all of the research for you!

Cost: Contact the company for a quote.


What it does: Avvo is an attorney review site that can help new clients find your law firm.

Ease of use: Very, especially for the general listing. Just fill in the blank fields and submit!

Cost: Creating your profile is free, but creating a custom profile and advertising for more clients starts at $100 a month.


What it does: Write a potential headline (or email subject), plug it into the analyzer, and get stats on what it looks like in a search and how SEO-friendly it is.

Ease of use: It can be tricky to wade through all of the features of CoSchedule to get to what you want, but that’s not necessarily bad (it also organizes social media posting and project workflows).

Cost: Moderate, with a 30-day free trial to check it out.


What it does: This law firm marketing tool monitors what people are talking about and lets you know when they are talking about you. Especially valuable in areas with lots of competition when you are trying to build recognition and position your firm as a leader (or manage your reputation online).

Ease of use: Very. Just search a keyword and get a report.

Cost: Moderate.


What it does: Feeling competitive? Ahrefs figures out what your competitors are doing well, then gives you the tools to do it better. They give you keyword, backlink, and content research along with rank tracking and web monitoring.

Ease of use: As with many SEO monitors, it’s easy to use, but understanding the results can get tricky.

Cost: Start with a $7, seven-day free trial

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