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As we move into the new year, you should also be looking ahead to see what’s happening in terms of growing your firm. Whether you are a small law firm looking for big growth or a larger firm trying to deepen your connection to your current clients, here are 21 legal marketing statistics for 2020 that you should know.

1. Facebook isn’t going anywhere

Over one third of the world’s population uses Facebook monthly – almost three billion (with a “b”) people. It’s important for your firm to have a presence there, even if it’s just a business page with contact information.

2. Your brand on Facebook matters

Looking ahead to legal marketing statistics in 2020, analysts predict that Facebook use for marketing is still growing. Just over 87% of marketers, up from 86% in 2018, will use Facebook this year.

3. Video on social media continues to be key

Sprout Social reports that 42% of digital marketing strategists have a plan in place for more Facebook Live videos. Last year, firms that already use video reported a jump in their client base.  Video is a legal marketing strategy that is here to stay.

4. Instagram is surging

Way back in 2017, Instagram had a paltry 700 million active users. Just three years later, that number has rocketed up to one billion (again, with a “b”) active monthly users. That’s a lot of eyes on your content.

5. Instagram followers want to hear from your law firm

A staggering 90% of active Instagram users follow a business on Instagram. Clients are on social media and want to hear from you. With a cohesive brand strategy and a clear voice, Instagram is for lawyers.

6. Men and women are equal (on Instagram at least!)

The gender distribution on Instagram is pretty even, at 52% and 48% (women to men, respectively). If time and resources for social media marketing are limited, this helps consolidate all of your legal marketing efforts in one channel.

7. And they all like Stories

Most Instagram users scroll daily through stories. That tool has become so seamlessly integrated with personal content that 1/3 of the most popular stories come from businesses.

8. LinkedIn makes for great connections in 2020

In 2019, two people joined LinkedIn every second. That’s almost 173,000 people joining LinkedIn every day. Make every second count by creating a LinkedIn profile for your firm (and for each lawyer in it). Put simply, it’s your digital business card.

9. LinkedIn outperforms Facebook in lead generation

Yes, you read that correctly. LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook in sending new clients your way.

10. Word-of-mouth marketing is the next big thing

The runaway trend in legal marketing statistics in 2020 is the rise of word of mouth (or maybe just a return to it). Web designers report that word-of-mouth marketing (i.e., referrals from current clients) bring in 71% of new business.

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11. So don’t ignore review sites

It’s simple: reviews get clients. An estimated 75% of people searching for a lawyer use legal review sites, and 84% of those people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

12. And pay attention to changes in Google search

Once again, 2020 saw the launch of a different search engine results page, with tweaks to the algorithm and a new look.

13. But some things never change

High-quality content is still the number one factor in search engine ranking for Google.

14. Mind your SEO

Search engine optimization is still key, but the locks have changed. Long-tail keywords of three or four words are dominating search results, with a higher click-through rate than short keywords crammed into your content.

15. Give your (potential) clients the information they need

Conventional wisdom used to push bite-sized content for a hectic world, but that just doesn’t work anymore. The top ranking search results had page content that averaged over 2,400 words.

16. Cultivate backlinks

Over 55% of websites don’t have backlinks – other pages that point clients in your direction. The result? Google ignores 91% of these sites, directing less traffic their way in search results. Don’t let that be you.

17. Mobile has overtaken desktop

In 2020, mobile search accounted for 53% of worldwide online traffic, with desktop lagging behind (43%) and tablets pulling up the rear (just under 3%).

18. Look to the next (biggest) generation when marketing

Millennials are the second largest generation (after Baby Boomers), and they like all things automated. AI (artificial intelligence) hybrid customer interaction (e.g., one that uses bots) gets the thumbs up from 43% of millennials.

19. And keep them talking

A large majority of millennials and Gen Xers prefer voice search (65%), so make sure your site is optimized for voice, too. Wordstream predicts that voice will account for 50% of all search this year.

20. Don’t neglect images

Almost 23% of searches on Google return images. In a visual world, a picture can truly be worth a 1,000 words (and a new client or two!). And Gen Z? When added into legal marketing statistics for millennials, 62% of these two generations prefer visual search over all other technology.

21. Get the “best” “right now”

Remember the exponential increase in “near me” search? The next big thing is “best” and “right now” searches, both of which have seen a 125% increase in the past two years.

It’s clear from these law firm marketing statistics that growing your client base (or improving your relationship with current clients) is all about using technology to personalize your outreach and make it easier for people to connect with your firm.

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