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It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” The old adage still rings true. Networking is the best way to reach your potential new clients. Today, you don’t even have to leave your office to do this. Social media has opened up an entire new world of networking. LinkedIn is unlike other platforms because it’s specifically geared towards professional people looking to make business connections. This makes it one of the best online resources if you’re hoping to gain new clients. Read on for our LinkedIn for lawyers best practices.

Why should I be on LinkedIn?

You may be wondering if LinkedIn for law firms is important. While it may not get as much attention as Facebook or Instagram, this social media platform holds value for any business person. In fact, two professionals join LinkedIn every second, and the numbers continue to grow every year. Recently, LinkedIn has also been making updates to encourage discussion and connection on their platform.

Most importantly, the audience on LinkedIn is simply more in tune with what you’re up against in terms of spare time as an attorney. Unlike other platforms, such as Twitter, it takes less time to stay engaged on LinkedIn. Think quality over quantity. If you only have time to log on to LinkedIn once a week, that’s okay. It’s enough to reap the benefits.

How to get started on LinkedIn for lawyers: 10 best practices

LinkedIn for lawyers doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some things to consider as you get started.

1. Build a solid profile

Think of LinkedIn as a digital business card. You want to put your best foot forward by making your profile as complete and professional as possible. This is your chance to pitch yourself to potential clients, easily and effortlessly.

The header underneath your name should be specific. This is where you can specify what type of law you practice. Use the “about” section to clarify who you are and what you have to offer your potential clients or business referrals. Provide details about your education, experience, and skills using the other sections LinkedIn provides.

2. Maintain consistent branding

It’s important to make sure your LinkedIn profile matches any other social media platforms you’re using for your law firm.

Use consistent branding when it comes to profile photos, contact information, and all relevant details. You want current and potential clients to recognize your profile because they’ve seen your logo or identifiable branding on your website and other social media pages.

3. Connect with your clients and colleagues

As you begin to build your network, be strategic about who you connect with. You can use features provided by LinkedIn to find your clients, colleagues, and people you already know. This is usually done by connecting your LinkedIn to your Facebook or email address book.

Beyond that, think of who you want to engage with.

Do you typically work in contract law? In that case, it may be beneficial to connect with small businesses in your area. Family law? Connect with local businesses, such as those that cater to parents, adoption services, or financial services for consumers. Think about your client base and who would benefit from knowing about the services you provide.

4. Create your own content

One of the best things about LinkedIn for lawyers is that it gives you the ability to publish your own content. As an attorney, you’re likely a solid writer with an abundance of knowledge to share. Think about the things your current clients or people in your community are concerned about. How can you expand on these topics and offer a small bit of your expertise?

Just remember to keep it simple. While other attorneys may understand the intricate complexities of the law, your audience probably doesn’t. That means you’ll need to keep your writing approachable.

5. Share meaningful content from others

On those days when you’re experiencing a bit of writer’s block, look for helpful content produced by others.

Share it with your followers if it fits your niche and would be valuable for your audience. Think of sharing news about recent legislation, trends in your city, and more. This is a great way to build relationships with influential people in your network, but it only takes minimal time and effort on your part.

6. Use keywords

Keywords, also known as “hashtags,” are more than a pop culture reference. They were created to help generate (and find) relevant content.

By adding thoughtful hashtags to the end of your posts (or sprinkled throughout), you can make yourself visible to people who are already researching the same topics. These may be specific to your practice, such as #estateplanning, or you may even want to leverage your location. For example, #sacramentolawyer.

7. Be visual

While LinkedIn may be more buttoned up than other social media platforms, it still pays off to include media.

Posts that include a photo usually get twice as many comments because of LinkedIn’s algorithm. That means your post will be seen by more people. Even better? Video posts are five times more likely to get comments. Tap into various tools to create visuals, like Canva.

8. Get creative

Share media in creative ways. For example, SlideShare is a tool that can help you share presentations on your LinkedIn page.

If you’ve recently used PowerPoint for an important conference or panel discussion, this is a platform that can help you share those slides in a way that looks clean and professional to another audience.

9. Join networking groups

There are thousands of LinkedIn groups targeted to specific audiences. Find ones that revolve around lawyers, the specific type of law you practice, as well as your geographical area.

This is an easy way to continue to build your network with people who are similar to you.

10. Engage

Once you’ve built your network and joined relevant groups, start participating in conversations!

See an interesting article that relates to your practice? Comment and share about your own personal experiences regarding the subject. Not only will this make you visible to more people, it also shows that you’re eager to “listen” to the conversations happening in your industry.

Learn more about LinkedIn for lawyers

For more help with LinkedIn marketing for your law firm, contact NIVAN Content. We can set up a strong LinkedIn profile and create quality content for your firm so you can build up your network of professional referrers and clients.

In addition, we can also help you find new technology tools to streamline your marketing or administrative tasks and implement those solutions. Put simply, we help you find new clients and more hours in the day.

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