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You have spent a long time building your healthcare or legal practice from the ground up. Your goal is to work with clients who are thrilled with your services. But what happens when a client perceives their experience as negative and shares it with the world? Review management cannot prevent clients from sharing their thoughts, but it can help turn the tide of the conversation in a way that highlights your high quality of service. Here’s how it works (and why it matters to you!).

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management makes sure that what potential patients or clients see online is an accurate reflection of your organization. In addition to actively soliciting reviews from current customers, online reputation management follows up on those reviews to express appreciation and to address any issues that arise.

The first part of a reputation management strategy is identifying where clients leave reviews. Even if you ask for reviews on a certain site, the internet is full of sites to leave reviews. Online reputation management keeps track of reviews left on not only the sites you identify to clients (like Google or Facebook) but also on other social media and directory listings online.

The next step in review management is a well-crafted response. Clients want to know they have been heard, and potential customers are waiting to see your response, too. Developing a solid strategy for replying to all reviews is a crucial part of online reputation management.

Essentially, online reputation management helps you control the conversation. With a carefully crafted strategy that remains true to your organization’s values and mission, your expert review management builds credibility, positions you as a trusted expert, and supports your current and future customers.

How to respond to negative reviews 

Your response to reviews matters. It’s a fact: the longer you are in business, the more likely you will get a bad review. No matter how attentive your service or how accommodating your staff, one day you will have a customer who isn’t satisfied and shares that with the world. What you do next is the core of review management and sets the standard of care you provide to your clients. They want to hear from you. They want to know how you handle an unsatisfied client so they can trust they are in good hands.

Many healthcare and legal review sites do not allow you to remove or otherwise block negative reviews. The internet lasts forever, and leaving a bad review hanging out there without a response can come back to haunt you over the years. A simple response that acknowledges a complaint and begins to build the bridge towards a resolution may actually be the thing that leads more patients or clients to you.

What are the benefits of review management?

Review management is crucial to your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are looking for management of online reviews for doctors or online reviews for lawyers, there are four benefits of a proper online reputation management plan.

  1. Online reviews are the new water cooler: While 84% of people trust online reviews when choosing healthcare providers or legal services, another 49% strenuously avoid those businesses with fewer than four stars. People are talking about you, and online reviews reach more people than a water cooler chat ever will. Review management makes the conversation positive, even when it’s not.
  2. High-quality reviews beat star ratings: Even though more stars means more feet in the door, review management cultivates reviews that offer more high-quality information. Consumers want more details to make their decision.
  3. Responding to reviews is good SEO: Companies that respond to their reviews may see their search engine ranking get better and better. Google’s algorithms have historically prized business mentions and backlinks. Reviews (and responses to them) count (and add up!).
  4. Good reviews translate to the Local Pack: Google also recognizes good reviews in their Local Pack, that (free!) listing of businesses that appear at the top of an organic search, just below the map. Especially powerful for “near me” searches, appearing in these results at the top of the page can boost visitors to your site.

These benefits stack up, but most importantly, remember that potential customers have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to their healthcare and legal support. Review management gives them more insight into your practice or firm, your personality, and the level of service you provide so that they can confidently choose you.

Online review stats

Still not convinced?

Consider these stats.

  • Current reviews are more powerful than older reviews: 40% of consumers only look at reviews from the past two weeks.
  • Millennials are big reviewers: Approximately 80% of this second-largest demographic reviews everything they consume (products and services).
  • Your response is paramount: Thinking about ignoring a review? Don’t. 89% of consumers read a business’s response.

Even better? Businesses who place their reviews front and center on their landing pages see more conversions than those who either leave them out of their website or bury them beneath other content.

What we do at NIVAN Content

We know you’re busy with your work. Online reputation management isn’t why you started your firm or opened your healthcare practice. At NIVAN, we integrate review management into your overall marketing strategy for a cohesive, effective, and affordable solution.

What does this look like?

Not only do we ask clients for reviews of your legal and healthcare practice on social media and via email, we also monitor and respond to them – good or bad. Review management is more than just getting client reviews. Potential clients are watching how you respond and making decisions based on that, too.

Our plans are individually designed to work for you and your ideal client. We focus on the most effective ways to garner more high-quality reviews that accurately reflect the high quality services you offer.

When you are ready to incorporate a better review management strategy, get in touch!

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