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Want to show up in your local Google search results? One way to get there is through search engine optimization, or SEO. If you’re a healthcare or legal professional who wants to show up on page one, an SEO campaign is the best way to get there. It can help you reach potential clients who are already searching for the very services you provide. We consider it a win-win.

What is SEO? 

SEO simply refers to “search engine optimization.” Search engines, like Google and Bing, are invested in helping users find the most relevant answers to their searches. Search engines do that by creating algorithms. Simply put, these measure how closely a certain web page is to a user’s query.

Search algorithms have become substantially more sophisticated over time. They’ve responded to the ways people search–from simple one-word searches to mobile search to voice search in today’s smart homes. And they’re constantly adding new features. Whenever you run a search today, for example, you’ll likely see:

  • A local pack of businesses offering related services
  • A knowledge chart with illustrations and summary information
  • Paid ads (which is a separate focus known as PPC)
  • Short snippets that answer a direct question
  • Answers to related questions

Just exactly how your organization gets to that front page for local customers changes often. Algorithm updates roll out monthly, with large ones at least once a year. To stay up-to-date and first-page requires constant research and know-how.

Is SEO really that important? 

Absolutely. Google alone handles over 300 billion search inquiries every single day. And 76% of those local searches end in a phone call. Having a great web presence means the difference between you getting a scheduled appointment from that potential client, rather than a competitor.

Consider these stats for legal consumers:

  • 74% visit a law firm’s website before taking any action (so make sure yours is good!)
  • 33% begin their search for a new law firm by using online resources
  • 70% of law firms have generated new cases through their website

For the healthcare industry, the stats are even more impressive:

  • 83% of patients visit a hospital’s website before making their appointment
  • One out of every 20 Google searches are health-related
  • 43% of visits to a hospital’s website begins at a search engine

Online marketing for lawyers and healthcare professionals isn’t an indulgence nowadays. It’s a necessity for staying relevant and searchable for your potential clients and patients. And while you can use paid search ads, creating an organic SEO campaign allows you get eyes on your site without a monthly pay-out.

Phoenix SEO For Legal and Healthcare Workers | NIVAN Content

What we do at NIVAN Content 

At NIVAN, we start at the very beginning. The goal of any Phoenix SEO campaign (or one that goes nationwide) will be to reach new clients, but your organization may have secondary goals. Perhaps you want to reach a new type of client or are expending your services. Or, you may want to improve your reputation among your peers. We create data-driven strategies based on these goals, from the very beginning.

From there, we:

  • Research the top search queries and opportunities for your organization
  • Create data-driven content based on these opportunities, incorporating photos and video
  • Integrate this content into every marketing channel you deploy, such as email marketing and social
  • Analyze the effectiveness of that content over time
  • Incorporate any insights into your ongoing SEO strategy

Finally, at NIVAN we’ve focused our services to legal and healthcare industries because we know that creating an online space for these industries requires additional thought, care, and adherence to applicable regulations.

Our team of writers have years of experience writing for some of the leading healthcare and legal companies. Staying on top of SEO trends and updates is only one part of our job–we’re also constantly researching trends, regulatory changes, and best practices for these vital industries.

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