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Your potential customers need to know exactly how you can help them–and your website is often the first place they’ll turn to for that help. Quality web content drives awareness about the services you provide. Great websites show why you’re the best-qualified professional to help.

What do we mean by web content? 

Web content simply refers to the textual or visual content a user encounters on your website or affiliated pages. It can include:

  • Stand-alone pages
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Webinars or webcasts
  • Online presentations

Your web content strategy may incorporate all or just some of these types of content. Those who are in more complex areas of medicine or the law could benefit from creating longer webinars or eBooks about your service area. On the other hand, patients who need to quickly reference information could benefit from short blogs or infographics.

Why is content so important?

High-quality web content starts a conversation with the clients and patients you want to reach. It’s not about advertising at them–it’s about becoming a trusted resource for their most important queries.

People often go online for help. They want help for questions about conditions they may have, legal issues they’re facing, or where they can find their nearest emergency services. When your organization provides that help, whether through videos or blogs or social media posts, you’re building awareness about the services you provide to the people who need it the most.

In fact, at least 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through articles and other web content, rather than blatant advertisements. It makes sense. When you’re shopping or looking for services online, you’re looking for someone you can trust. And, while content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it can generate three times as many leads.

Likewise, if someone has already heard of your organization, they’ll likely visit your website first to see what services you provide. A comprehensive content portfolio accurately shows what types of patients and clients you serve. It also shows that you’re committed to providing as much information up-front before their appointment.

Phoenix Web Content For Legal and Healthcare Workers | NIVAN Content

How does it work? 

At NIVAN, we focus on legal and healthcare industries for one important reason: people need these services when they’re at their most vulnerable. We want to make it easy for them to find the highest-quality providers in their area. Creating web content for these industries requires additional thought, care, and adherence to applicable regulations, because misinformation could actually physically or financially harm the searcher.

When we begin creating a content strategy for the web, we look first at the services you already provide. With a little SEO help and a bit more data, we write or create content that accurately portrays your services, fitted to users’ search queries. Content is crafted first on answering that user’s query, with additional direction on where and how they can get help. We work closely with your team to write about these topics to the highest standards.

For example, when a local searcher goes online to search for advice about filing for guardianship in their state, with the right content, your blog post about how to file for guardianship may be in the #1 spot on Google. Or, if someone needs to know what to do about a persistent cough, your article about cold season could be what finally sends them to a local doctor for a check-up.

In both cases, you’ve already aligned yourself as a trusted resource. When they take the next step to book an appointment, your name is already at the top of their list. And that’s with no direct advertising on your part.

Ready to get started? 

Our team of web content writers have years of experience working with leading healthcare and legal companies. Staying on top of content marketing trends and updates is only one part of our job. We’re also constantly researching new research updates, regulatory changes, and best practices in these vital industries.

To get started with a content strategy for your website, contact us today!

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